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After Zombie Effect

After watching Zombieland, Fifi (fiancée) was on edge. She fears creatures that can sprint as the zombies did in this movie. It was dark and cold outside, and a little confusing as people emptied the theater…so clearly we were startled when a crying pregnant black lady (winner of the “Many Adjectives” to describe a person Award” of the week) came up to us on a side street where we parked (winner of the longest sentence here of the week). She seemed beside herself as she came up to us saying:

“Please, I know this is odd but I swear I would not do this if I didn’t have a problem…my husband was just in an accident and my son is there now…and behind there is the cab…I swear I know this is weird but I have my license on me and I can let you hold it…and my husband is at North Shore hospital…and I swear you can my license and I will mail you back the money…there’s my cab over there…”

Okay maybe that was the longest sentence of the week.

“Um, so what do you want?” I asked.

“Can you please help me you can have my license I just need to get the cab…”

“So…you want a cab? I really don’t know what you want here…”

“I need to pay the cab, it’s $12 and I only have my license on me…” please note that she went back into her story again.

“Oh why didn’t you say so? Yea, I have no money on me. Do you sweety?”

“Nope,” Fifi answered.


She just stopped talking and went looking for someone else. Fifi and I discussed how I thought this lady wanted a cab all the time, Fifi thought she wanted a ride to the hospital- in the end she wanted $12.

“I have no cash, you know me,” I said.

“Yea I have a $20 bill.”

“Uh huh, surely she would never break the $20 for you.”


Another day in New York.


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