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Movie Review: Zombieland

We went to see Zombieland for free thanks to a membership card of ours. And yea, I’d pay full price to see this bad boy. Not full price in this theater per say- the free theaters clearly can’t be that good. The place smelled like old people mixed with gross teens: the true bargain hunters. Ugh and there was this one guy all the way in the back- Fifi (fiancée) thought he was black but he seemed more hillbilly.

“Well he acts black.”

That bastard was singing and discussing redneck points of the movie- the movie was definitely redneck-friendly with all the old rock tunes. I guess it’s just a thing: if the movie relates to your people (i.e. Soul Plane relates to blacks), then you can comment out loud and voice any opinions as the movie progresses. Too bad I’m not a real Indian guy so that I can go to one of their movies and start singing and dancing only because I could relate to these people.

So yea- the movie was good. Lots of action. Not pleased with the plot though. Just…lacks something. But it all boils down to poop. And not steamy poop because they can’t form solid poop. We’re talking Poop Sticks. Coveted, embraced Poop Sticks. And Zombieland gets 4 out 5 Sticks. Again, very entertaining. They don’t overdo it with the jokes. Just, not enough of a plot. But still good enough to see in the theaters. You can’t help but like movies with nerds trying to play the hero.


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