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Credit Cards in the NY

Friggin credit card minimum. I already had an $8 salad to purchase (don’t you love pricey NYC?). But the minimum to use a credit card is $9 at this particular deli. I had to drop a Pop Tart to the equation just so I can make the minimum, with a total of $9.35. I have gone to many places where I was under minimum by a dollar or 2 and they still took my credit card. I gotta brown bag it more often.

Needless to say- it boils my water.


One Response

  1. Technically, stores aren’t allowed to impose minimum credit card thresholds–it’s against the Terms and Conditions they have set up with the credit card companies. If you want to be a real pain, report them to Visa (or whatever card you’re using) and they’ll have to deal with a personal visit from the vendor.

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