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Our Dear Cat, AJ the Second

We have a cat. A glorious cat. Well, if you consider Satan glorious.

Her name is AJ. Named after Aunt Jemima after spilling syrup and licking it off her paws. Also, she loves fried chicken. Not that it means Aunt Jemima is in anyway linked to fried chicken.

As I write this AJ is on top of our cabinets in the kitchen. NOT where we like her to be. But if she’s up there, then that means she isn’t eye level where the bitch LOVES to knock stuff down. She has broken glasses, coasters, candle holders, perfume bottles, make up cases, etc.

Thanks to this cat, I have discovered my inner voice as I continuously make noises that I never knew humans can make. I have yelled at her in every language which I know a curse word for. I even mash up phrases like “You maricone moo-goo-gai-pan motha fucka!”

I call her AJ the Second because she was sent off to have a cyst removed from her nose and after the operation, we got back a cat with a lighter coat and feisty attitude. This “new” AJ is clearly Satan’s spawn. I count down the days until she turns 60 in cat years…an age closer to her death.

A little Asian in her...but all Jemima

A little Asian in her...but all Jemima


6 Responses

  1. She looks evil!

  2. She was so sweet before her surgery… when she was vulnerable.

  3. aww now Im hooked. I am a premier cat person regardless of my exterior of steel and mouth like a drunk sailor.

    I have two; Kaluah (Kula) and Tequila (Kela). They are two menopausal old girls (fixed, 7 & 6 respectively) and keep me on my toes. I have come to realize that they dont live with me-I live with them. I wouldnt change it for the world. I’ll continue to be cat-pimped till they reach that magical age of 60 you speak of…


    • Sometimes you like to believe they understand you when you mutter complaints to them…but they hear nothing. They rule the house as though you were put there to do so. What the hell, aye datGurl?? You want to hate them….but that face….doesn’t age till 60!

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