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Bellies Is American

For years we have tried to come up with situations where Bellies would actually do something as simple as kissing an African American in our game of Would You Rather? His loathe for the race has only allowed us to get him to agree to doing anything sexual to a black maybe once, and that might have been if we hypothetically had a gay act done to him.

Here’s a documented second time.

[10:20] Brownman: would u go down on a 53 year old black woman if it meant capturing osama bin laden?

[10:21] Tex Mex: yes
[10:21] Tex Mex: bring on the black hole

[10:21] Brownman: we need Bellies’ take
[10:21] Brownman: is he american?

[10:21] Tex Mex: we know the answer from KKK man over there

[10:21] Brownman: i know the quiz he took on Facebook says he’s more White than Black
[10:21] Brownman: damn fat oreo
[10:22] Brownman: such a hypocrite with all his white bashings

[10:22] Bellies: shut up honky

[10:22] Brownman: ‘scuse me whitey?

[10:23] Bellies: no doubt cracker

[10:23] Brownman: Facebook says you’re 80%+ white
[10:23] Brownman: its gotta be true

[10:23] Tex Mex: im sure he got that from the do you hate black people questions

[10:25] Bellies: be quiet jiggaboo lover

[10:25] Brownman: well honky? would u go down on a 53 yr old black woman if it meant capturing osama?

[10:26] Tex Mex: Bellies why do u dislike our brothers, they faced years of persecution, for u to add ur hate here… tisk tisk

[10:26] Bellies: what will happen to that sand nigger

[10:27] Tex Mex: Bellies is humming god bless america right now Brownman get him here

[10:27] Bellies: will he be killed?
[10:27] Bellies: can i see the death?
[10:27] Bellies: can i help in the death?

[10:27] Brownman: u cant see the death because u will be muff diving
[10:27] Brownman: its virtually impossible

[10:27] Tex Mex: u can choose his death n participate in it

[10:28] Bellies: i love my country but i need some incentive

[10:31] Tex Mex: helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[10:31] Brownman: he is there i know it

[10:31] Tex Mex: lol

[10:34] Bellies: i will…
[10:34] Bellies: BRB

[10:34] Brownman: uh huh
[10:34] Brownman: me and Tex Mex are gonna have a side convo till u answer
[10:34] Brownman: u got unlimited text Tex Mex?

[10:34] Tex Mex: yes

[10:34] Brownman: u should text him every so often
[10:35] Brownman: remind him
[10:35] Brownman: lol

[10:35] —Bellies has left the chat—

[10:35] Tex Mex: he will do whatever to not answer a black person related question

[10:35] Brownman: LMAO he left

[10:36] Tex Mex: pretty much

[11:18] Brownman: text Bellies if u can
[11:19] Brownman: “black vag to get osama?”

[11:32] Tex Mex: done
[11:32] Brownman: lol

[13:45] —Bellies has entered the chat—

[13:45] Bellies: for america and the chance to choose and help kill the sand nigger i would take the jiggaboo… you hear America? i love the usa enough to do the moon cricket the moolie the porch monkey the nigger GOB BLESS AMERICA

[13:48] Tex Mex: ROTFFL
[13:48] Tex Mex: OMFG


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