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To Beat or Not To Beat

[09:51] Brownman: would u wack off on camera knowing that guys are watching it for gay purposes? You get $150, but u gotta say gay things like “yea u like that big boy?”

[09:52] Bellies: lol
[09:52] Bellies: LMAO

[09:53] Brownman: well yea, u can “lol” but still…gotta think about the $$ and make a decision

[09:54] Bellies: 150.. damn am i that cheap?

[09:55] Brownman: its a quick $150
[09:56] Brownman: i mean…who’s to say you dont use a magazine off camera to help out
[09:56] Brownman: straight mag that is
[09:56] Brownman: straight mag that is

[09:58] Bellies: is my face gonna be shown in this beat off gasy session

[10:00] Brownman: yup. ur face is showing on screen for gay session

[10:01] Bellies: not for 150 i would say no

[10:01] Brownman: 550?

[10:02] Bellies: yeah sure 550 sounds good to me
[10:02] Bellies: what about you

[10:03] Brownman: $550? i think so. is it gay though? i mean u know who’s gonna be watching…

[10:04] Bellies: i am not gay i knwo i am straight i have work in gay places i need the money
[10:04] Bellies: lol
[10:05] Bellies: would u do it for any amount of money?

[10:07] Brownman: oh nah there needs to be $500+
[10:07] Brownman: i mean…to beat off…for $500? Awesome


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