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Milking Cats

A while back a coworker and I were scolded for not being at our desk for 20 minutes straight. Ok, let’s forget the fact that we’re all adults here. The funnier portion was the boss’ explanation of why we need to be at our seats.

“Guys” Cunt began, “you can’t be leaving your desk for so long. You need to be at your desk all the time. I got my boss asking where everyone is- you can’t. Then at this time it gets crazy and everything is duhtz-dhutz-dhutz-dhutz!” she made a…I think hectic motion with her hands as she said her “duhtz”.

“Um, it gets what now?” I asked.

“Crazy around this time of the day.”

“No…that noise you made.”


“Yea that one- sounds like Ben Stiller in ‘Meet the Parents’ when he milked the cat…”

My coworker bowed his head in embarrassment. “Milking the cat’s nipples” he mumbled.

“What? What you mean?” the Cunt asked. Luckily, she isn’t American and watches real movies.

“Nothing. We won’t leave our desks as often.”


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