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Hard Up For Love: Women Are Dudes These Days

I am thinking about women these days. Oh no, dear fiancee, not like that. Just in general and how lame they have become. I feel like I’m blogging like an old man: “The young girls these days, boy I tell ya'”. But I gotta prepare should I spawn a girl. Get ready for her to be treated like a man in the relationship because all the boys are becoming faggy chics. Yup. Little homos.Women in relationships have to wear the pants these days.

I think Emo music is becoming too widespread where it’s okay for a boy to scream about his bleeding heart and beg for one more chance. Why does he need that one more chance? Ah, because he was too smothering, too poetic, and borrowed his girl’s tampon one too many times. I mean, I would love my daughter to be treated with some love and respect. But these guys take it too far and then they’re busy crying over the girl not calling…the girl not being there for them when they failed their math test…the girl hanging out more with her friends and family than with him…etc…I’m sure you have your own examples.

But yet, the girls these days love these dudes. Hard up to be treated like a dude. They get this additional attention that was previously thought of as impossible. And in 2-3 days the vag is given up. The dude sees his behavior is rewarded and then BLAMO! He moves on to the next girl but will somehow pin his cheating on the cheated because he is that good and manipulative. Just like a girl. And the females that aren’t cheated on stick with these pansy guys because they think they’ll never find anyone else out there. Her friends swear she has it good and guys are hard to find.

Women, calm the heck down. If you’re young, you’ll find a good guy with trial and error. If they begin professing their love for you treat it as a line to get into your pants. If a guy puts the pussy on a pedestal- he may be desperate. Make sure he’s into sports. It’s a good start. Shows he has enough time to not obsess over you. But it has to be either football or baseball- a sport that’s hard to get other people together and play. If it’s basketball, chances are he’ll bail on you to shoot some hoops with his friends.

And guys. C’mon. Man up. I swear if my boy acts as gay as guys do these days, he better be homo. I’m cool with it. I mean I honestly think these boys who are acting all pussyish towards the girls are putting the chics through more mental angst than a guy that just slaps a ho. I’m kidding, I don’t mean it to be that extreme. Just man up and be a little sensitive, because if my daughter dates a pussy I am going to make sure that pussy belongs to the female gender.

And that’s today’s rant.


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