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Loss in the Family

My poor wife recently lost her grandmother over the weekend. Not cool, but we’re glad she’s off in a better place with her husband who passed 9 years earlier. We were also glad to have seen her off on her journey before passing; naturally it broke my heart to see the entire family so broken. Her death was swift and unexpected while in the hospital, but it helps that she didn’t put the entire family through months or years of being ill: certainly a toll on everyone at that point.

My wife’s grandmother was a huge Boston sports fan. She bided the family adieu early Sunday AM, and on Saturday the Bruins just came off a double OT win and the Red Sox beat the Angels out on the west coast an hour or 2 earlier.

Brownman: celtics also had won yesterday for your granmoms. good for her

Mrs. Brownman: aw that’s right

Brownman: write down which NY team doesnt win for me if im the first of us to go. then please send an angry letter to them. drop multiple “C” words for me. i like that word

Mrs. Brownman: lol ok

Damn Watching The Weight

I had a goal of hitting 173 pounds by the end of last week. I started at 177 and ended at 176.6. I know, not a good job. So I weighed myself again this morning was was at 176 again…but only had yogurt and a health shake all day…so I decided to one more time weigh myself. And I’m at 174.4.

That’s good? You think? NO. You know why? I was about to say “F” dieting and all this watching my weight crap…with one hand ready to dish out the fatty frozen TGIF potato skins and a bucket of lard despite not being hungry. Now I gotta find a stick of carrot to chew on.