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I get little pop ups throughout the day for e-mails I receive to my personal e-mail. The pop ups just show a certain amount of characters before it cuts off the rest of the “From” and “Subject” lines. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw an unread e-mail from “Dicks Sporting Goo” Yummy. Sounds like something only a woman or gay dude can stomach.



I have a beef with those that have MBAs in their educational pursuits. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but to me it means very little in the workplace. Great, you wasted 4 years of learning something on ways to come up with ideas and not execute them. Then I get an e-mail at our company introducing a new VP. I should be wowed because a highlight is an “MBA in Innovation Management”.

So that means he manages innovations? Ideas are given to me, and he’ll do the actual legwork? What does this all mean?? You got anything funny to add to this convo reader? Gimme your best one-liner regarding Innovation Management!

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Ladies, your period brings humor to me. Even in an ad. Funny. See below for rhyme and reason.

Technical Difficulties

For my past few posts you’ll notice high-lameness. I refer to pictures in the post and you see nothing. This is due to the WordPress App for the iphone. It has been the lamest app ever, and I apologize for wasting your time with senseless posts. I will not just post from a computer at all times. In the interim, I am deleting this gay app.

My E-mails At Work

Pulled from the photos of Mrs. Brownman’s aunt via Facebook. My in-laws know what makes the Brownman laugh. Anus steak for all!

If Facebook Existed Centuries Ago

Some funny scenarios through time. Click on the image to zoom in with your iPhone if you can’t see it.

No Business Done Here

I shit you not- below is a picture taken by someone I know in the city of our great New York. Awesome.