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Still Alive

I got a second lease on life. I was excited because I’ll be going to a football game for my birthday this year, and I told Mrs. Brownman “yay! Birthday game! Yay turning 32!”

She said “you’re turning 31.”

I thought that one over for a bit. “Oh snap, yay! I just bought myself a full year! I’m gonna live it up now! Hooray 31!”

Guess old age isn’t agreeing with me yet.


Fashion is weird…these pants…what the…

I am by no means a fashion expert. So if anything out of the ordinary pop up in New York City I’m gonna probably incorrectly deem it weird and punishment on the eyes. Take, for example, this new fad. Skinny grown woman wearing baggy ass pants. Slacks. And these slacks are worn all the way up…I guess in some cases right under their boob. It looks like a 5 year-old who pulled his PJ pants too high while trying to get ready for bed. Or half a onesie…a halfsie.

I personally think this is just a fad for women who got ridiculed for trying to rock skinny pants and jeans with no ass. The assless have rejoiced in semi-fitted MC Hammer pants. Here’s an example:

Customer Service

A summation of what we deal with when addressing Customer Service:

Why We Love Charlie Sheen

In the age of Charlie Sheen-ism, here’s a video to sum up what we love about him:

Air Sex Awards

[11:38] Coworker: http://www.mercuryloungenyc.com/event/5536

[11:39] Brownman: this…is the best use of air ever

In Case You Need More Convincing New York is Clean

I give you the homeless dude molested by a rat. This video is pretty popular among us New Yorkers. Especially for those trying to figure out what train this happened on so we can avoid both homeless and vermin critters.


Movie Review: The Last Exorcism

Ah The Last Exorcism. So much potential here. So far from a couple of movie fanatics I can say that there hasn’t been a horror film shot like this. It’s a documentary with interviews similar to The Office or Parks & Recreations sitcoms on NBC. This horror flick wasn’t based on any true events- a key for my interest. Either way I love me a good exorcism. Especially when I watch it with Mrs. Brownman- homegirl draws the strings of her hoodie tight and braces for scary-scene impact.

The documentary style of this film was cool. I can see the way this movie was shot and the concept of a faithless minister would warrant a 72% from Rotten Tomatoes. But then there’s the rest of the story. I won’t give much away except for the mere fact that it sucked. And there wasn’t enough scary scenes to even call this a horror movie. The ending of the movie sort of offered some redemption. But not enough to make up for little scare and an at-times weak plot.

I ask that you see this movie for me. And for free. I need to know if I’m wrong here. Mrs. Brownman felt the movie sucked…but there is something here. Something. Am I possessed myself where I am scared to give this thing any less than 4 Poop Sticks? I know it was at best 3.1 Poop Sticks out of 5. I’ll go with 3.2 Poop Sticks. Something to watch and perhaps approach with more of an artist’s mind rather than someone who wants to get scared poopless.