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Pregnant Chicks be Crazy

Brownman: ok here’s a good one
Brownman: cupcakes
Brownman:for this dude’s bday at work
Brownman: seems like a happy time
Brownman: HAPPY time!
Brownman: Pregnant chick at work says: this cupcake should help me get over my $400 bill
Brownman: then she walks over to another chick at the office to begin the bitching ALL OVER AGAIN
Brownman: where’s the friggin gun
Brownman: where i ask u
Brownman: i dont complain
Brownman: WOMEN make me complain!!!!!

Mrs. Brownman: LOL damn what was she complaining about?
Mrs. Brownman: oh her insurance still? The one where no one cares about except for her husband at most?? She still complaining about that from this morning?

Brownman: 4:02 PM. yea!

Mrs. Brownman: damn tell that bitch to stfu

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