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Women Complain 75% of the Time

Look it up. Go ahead. Women complain because they get a bigger response than if they said something positive. Couple that with the female-love to talk, then BLAMGASMO! super-talking-orgy is in full effect. From http://women.webmd.com/guide/do-you-complain-too-much:

“”Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Louisville, observes that humans’ taste for complaining probably evolved from our ancestors’ way of crying out a warning when something threatened the tribe. “We mammals are a squealing species. We talk about things that bother us as a way of getting help or seeking a posse to mount a counterattack,” says Cunningham. True, we no longer have to buddy up in the face of menacing saber-toothed tigers, but venting our everyday grievances to receptive listeners (a.k.a. expressive complaining) helps us feel validated and supported. Says my friend Tracy, mother of two daughters: “All the moms in our playgroup complain a lot. Venting helps us to feel less alone and less guilty about our frustrations as our kids go through the terrible twos.””

Evolve further bitches. At work, I guess you’d expect a woman to complain at their workplace to a few confidants that share their common enemies and disdains. But work is just a common ground for further complaints. Food, husbands, and the most popular: people’s behavior. You’d think these chicks would be careful in who they complain about and to whom- but nay.

The Brownman gets to observe these nagging dunts (dumb cunts) blab day in and day out about any and everything. I estimate that 75% of all topics are primarily a complaint. Go ahead. Put me to the test. Count the times you spoke to a woman, and try to estimate how much of each dialogue involved complaining.

Don’t bother estimating with a pregnant chick though. It’s impossible to find the one convo that isn’t a complaint and you’re left with a skewed number such as 101% of the conversation being complaint city.

Fellas. You wanna know how you can win over that new girl you’re dating? Gauge who she hates and ask how that person is doing. Memorize a song and see how far you can get through it in your head before she stops.

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