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I had a classic case of “what the hell” today. Not as extreme as “what the fucks” where you’re like “seriously? That’s why I’m stuck here late at work? ’cause you can’t do your job?” No I was more in a “really? That’s what you’re focused on while someone is dead?” moment. 

The guy that sits next to me at work seemed to have also gotten a haircut the same weekend I got mine. His is barely noticeable- he typically has short hair regardless. I, on the other hand, let my Indian-thick bush sprout from the depths of my head and get lazy…it might be up to a month before you see my scalp again. 

Yet 2 people ask this coworker: “hey you got a haircut? It’s short, looks good.”

I don’t need the compliment. I’m neither diva nor chick. But really? Am I that irrelevant that my haircut goes unnoticed? Am I that much of a fly on the wall or obviously non-white that my haircut serves no greater good at work?

I was right in being pissed at the immigrant barber for not understanding what a “Ben Affleck” haircut was.

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