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Terrorist? Not me…lest we forget…

I sent this e-mail out today at work (click on the link, it’s safe for work):
“What to do when you have an annoying passenger sitting next to you…
1. Remove your laptop from your briefcase
2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully
3. Turn it on
4. Make sure that the passenger next to you is looking
5. Access the Internet
6. Close your eyes for a few moments, open again and look up to heaven
7. Take a deep breath and open the site:
8. Observe the facial expression of the passenger seating next to you
9. Have a nice trip!”
Moments later I get this e-mail from the crazy pregnant chick on the e-mail thread:
“I guess this would be the wrong time to tell you my father in law and uncle both died on 9/11.
I get the humor in this, but its still hard to laugh.”
To which I replied:
“Argh. Sorry L ”
Despite her sitting across from me I had a problem bringing it up in the office. No need for a lecture.
She replied:
“Its cool.
Don’t exclude me from future jokes though”
And now I hear her talking to whom I assume is her husband on the phone. “I put a smiley face in it though, I was nice about it…”

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