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Serious Stall Issues

I have blogged before about a toilet that doesn’t work correctly at work. It’s a situation where the sensor doesn’t recognize you and the flush button doesn’t work. But if the other stall is taken and you really gotta spew musical notes from your hieney, you gotta squat like a man. 

What sucks is that one time I totally forgot this to be the case. So I hit the stall and was faced with the need to droppa ‘shima. And with the functional stall occupied I just proceeded to drop. And without changing up my plop-plop-flush routine to crap, I was faced with the need to flush and the inability to do so. 

Which meant I had to stand up and lean forward before the toilet would flush itself. And that ran the risk of drip. Yes I know. It was a mess and acrobatic act all in one. 

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