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Sac Cheese

11:19] Brownman: does your balls seem to require further cleaning as you get older?
[11:19] Brownman: do you feel the smell is worse today than 10 years ago?

11:19] Bellies: umm i dont think so

[11:20] Tex Mex: nope

[11:20] Brownman: is it just that now we are more conscious of smells and take more care of it?

[11:21] Tex Mex: well yeah, i think as we grow, we care more about our lookse and smells

[11:21] Bellies: lol

[11:21] Tex Mex: looks*, i mean come on, look at our hs pictures
[11:21] Tex Mex: wth was wrong with each one of us. did we actually think that we were out to impress the 3 good looking girls at our school
[11:22] Tex Mex: what is happening now, is that you have younger parents, parents who are more into fashion, who will smack their son/daughter, if he/she goes out looking like rats, or smelling like well u get my poitn
[11:22] Tex Mex: point*

[11:24] Brownman: my father could care less how i looked leaving the house. why didn’t he tell me hoes need a clean set of sac?

[11:25] Tex Mex: or shave your stache, trim it down
[11:25] Tex Mex: in my case, “son, please don’t part your hair down the middle”

[11:25] Tex Mex: you look like an ass already, don’t give people more ammunition


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