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Enema of the state

[11:06] Tex Mex: would you get an enema?

[11:17] Brownman: are u giving me this enema?
[11:17] Brownman: why would i get one?
[11:17] Brownman: only if im trying to crap out a square thru my hole

[11:33] Tex Mex: LMAO
[11:33] Tex Mex: just wondering if you would do it

[11:34] Brownman: um i need a reason…u dont just go around popping stuff up ur ass…it isnt natural
[11:34] Brownman: unless ur gay of course

[11:35] Tex Mex: actually enemas are good to clean out ur system
[11:35] Tex Mex: like an oil change

[11:35] Brownman: um u can just take a laxative
[11:35] Brownman: what have u been doing with ur poor ass dude?

[11:36] Tex Mex: nothing

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