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Smelly Body Parts

Do you sniff certain parts of your body…I dunno…just to get a status of what’s going on in the area. Or, just ‘cause you embarrassingly like the smell of that area for some bizarre reason? For me that’s the corner of my nose. For some strange reason when I rub the portion in between the edge of the nostril and the beginning of my cheek, I get a smell that allows me to gauge how sweaty of unclean my body is. If it gets too hot out or I’ve gone hours without a face washing I’ll get a sweaty smell that’s borderline American cheesy. Weird? Sure. But I just do it. F off.

[09:52] Brownman: what part of your body you hate the most in terms of smell?

[09:53] Tex Mex: feet

[09:55] Tex Mex: you?

[09:55] Brownman: i have a deathly fear of the way my ass smells

[09:56] Tex Mex: lol

[09:56] Tex Mex: only after taking a shit

[09:56] Brownman: i really worry that after some time the sweat or post-dump it might have a smell

[09:56] Brownman: sure, i probably only smell it

[09:56] Brownman: and its prob in my head

[09:56] Tex Mex: well yes after dat yes

[09:56] Brownman: my feet do come second

[09:57] Brownman: it’s in socks and shoes all day

[09:57] Brownman: and i did get a wart back in the day on the bottom of a foot

[09:57] Brownman: so who knows


[09:53] Brownman: what part of your body, in terms of smell, do you hate the most?

[09:57] Mrs.  Brownman: in terms of smell??

[09:59] Brownman: yah
[09:59] Brownman: unique question, but real answers do exist

[09:59] Mrs.  Brownman: my feet?
[09:59] Mrs.  Brownman: i guess?

[09:59] Brownman: really?

[10:00] Mrs.  Brownman: i guess so
[10:01] Mrs.  Brownman: i hate when my shoes stink

[10:01] Brownman: ah

[10:01] Mrs.  Brownman: ruins perfectly good shoes
[10:01] Mrs.  Brownman: and u know how i feel about shoes

[10:01] Brownman: yea i dunno who women and white people can wear no socks and shoes
[10:01] Brownman: and dominicans
[10:01] Brownman: and jamaicans
[10:01] Brownman: probably all of europe
[10:02] Brownman: am i the only that wears socks as much as possible?

[10:02] Mrs.  Brownman: u and my mom
[10:02] Mrs.  Brownman: well socks looks weird with flats

[10:07] Brownman: thats understood

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