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Why Men Can’t Work With Women

Leave it to me to work with dumb broads. I am thoroughly convinced that women that are ugly or moody can NOT work with men. The ugly ones do NOT get laid and thus become moody. The moody ones, both hot and ugly, are just a waste of human capital. Maybe the moody ugly ones can work together- that’s fine as long as no men are involved. The hot chicks can work with men easily but clearly the men’s wives will get mad so the hot chicks must work on the field like selling goods or washing cars.

I get stuck with the ugly whiny hoes that just need a good plowing. I have mentioned English previously – a coworker that lets it be known that she speaks in the utmost awesomest grammar thanks to majoring in a language she grew up speaking anyways. Good for you. You’re in the technical field, so I’m sure English is a prerequisite but certainly no actual major one should respect. Any hoo.

The other day she yelled out “Brownman is a Senior Manager??” when she read an internal company newsletter. I am actually on the same level as English so naturally this shocked the dried up hoe. But our boss, who sits on the other side of the office heard this and said he wrote that article in the newsletter a while ago and he didn’t get to update it with my current title.

English is just like that. Whiney and borderline condescending. She has a sense of entitlement and she hasn’t been working here a year yet.

Today, another coworker that sits next to me “Assclown” was out sick. He has a monitor that I borrowed because I use a laptop and the screen is pretty small. Assclown has a sweet monitor so I hooked up to it. Moments later I hear from down the room “Oh, so Brownman gets a bigger monitor?” That’s 2 strikes now where she jumped the gun on me getting more than her.

That’s it. I refuse to work with ugly chicks. The burden you carry isn’t that you can’t get laid- you have the gift of vag. Rather, your burden is due to your assholedness…just hump the next guy that throws your doggy self a bone.

2 Responses

  1. She sounds like a bitch… but at least she isn’t our boss. I think every workplace needs an ugly self-absorbed woman- just so we don’t get too comfortable.

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