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Sick in New York

Ever get this tickle in your nose and can’t quite get it? Next thing you know a flake of dried mucus flies out onto the desk in front of you? No? Just me? Just happened to me. What’s up with that crap dammit?

Also in mucus news, I am still getting over a cough or cold or plague that seems to have started over the summer. I think in New York you just can’t get over anything these days. And so as I get over this thing, I am now coughing up mucus. But I can’t tell when the mucus is coming so I end up coughing without covering my mouth and a gob of phlegm ends up on the floor or my pants. It’s weird too – in most instances I feel a dry cough coming so I don’t cover because I’m too lazy.

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  1. Gross, but hilarious! ( ^______^)

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