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You Stand

I sat down in the overcrowded train fully knowing that I needed to immediately close my eyes in anticipation of some woman or old person hovering over me. Sure, I should offer the seat. But upon an audit of my  New Years resolutions not once did me giving up my seat for people come up. Especially to the lady now that now hovers over me:

-Smells like cigarettes
-RED denim jeans. 
-Again, RED denim jeans. 

Hmm she hit me with her bag. Okay I’m going to pretend to get up for the next stop….ah I kid! Silly woman and her sense of entitlement to my seat. You stay there while I sit back down in fake-realization that the next stop isn’t mine.

One Response

  1. Sometimes I get annoyed at myself for being amused by your wicked tricks

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