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Those People Are Here

For New Year’s Eve Mrs. Brownman and I were stranded in New York as our trip to California was canceled because New York has no clue what it means to shovel now that I cleared from my driveway in 2 hours…not 4 days like our wonderful state. Oh was that a run-on sentence? My bad America. 

We went to my parents’ house where my sister invited her friends. It was surely a bit out of our element since we’re older than the 21 year-olds. All they talk about is drinking and a few inside jokes. The art of storytelling is over. 

A couple of my sis’ friends came down and were of the minority clan. “Where’s my purse?” Mrs. Brownman asked. 

“Oh so a couple of Mexicans and blacks populate the premise and you now must account for your belongings?” I asked. 

“Where’s my purse?”

“Don’t worry, I hid it upstairs because at minimum I anticipated the black guy over there showing up.”

One Response

  1. That’s why you always need brown guys to hang around. They anticipate the threat and try to thwart it a full thirty minutes before the whites clue in.

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