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Movie Review: The Social Network

We finally got around to seeing The Social Network. Naturally when you watch a movie about the history of something you use a lot, i.e. Facebook, you are intrigued. A good ol’ documentary on The Discovery Channel will do. But deception, scandal, and random sex? Yea we need a movie for that. 

The Social Network was a really informative movie for me. I barely knew the story of Facebook’s existence until the lawsuits came about. But then you get the meat of who’s behind this mogul and really get to understand who Mark Zuckerberg really is. Jesse Eisenberg was pretty damn good portraying a dick, assuming that was what Mark Zukerburg really acts like. 

I’m not sure about all the hype of Justin Timberlake getting an Oscar for his performance. Don’t get me wrong, he was great. But he didn’t play enough of a part in the movie to warrant an Oscar. That what these Oscars do- find the most minuscule role to give Oscars to where the part barely had a supporting role. 

Let’s look at the movie as whole. I was beyond entertained. I had to pee, but knew dialogue was key to this flick- I willingly didn’t want to miss a line. So imagine the Poop Sticks I’d give this where I chose to risk a kidney infection over peeing. 4.5 Poop Sticks. Entertaining as balls for a movie with no death. And I took quite a relieving leak after the movie- so 4.5 Pee Streams outta 5! What the heck am I even talking about???  

2 Responses

  1. And here I face the Slumdog Millionaire problem again (being a brown person, I should have watched that movie since it’s supposed to be good).
    I should watch the Social Network since I’m obsessed with facebook but I’m a lazy asshole so it probably won’t happen.

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