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Stranded in New York

I haven’t blogged in a few days now. No, I haven’t run out of material my faithful 3 readers out there. Rather, I am depresses. Mrs. Brownman and I were supposed to have left this forsaken New York City for a West Coast vacation this holiday week. 

But as the news will continue to remind you, New York has been crippled by a harrowing 15 inches of snow. A “Snowpocalypse” they call it. And the foreigners from lands such as Michigan, Canada, and Russia will remind us NYers that this snow is poppycock in comparison to their Middle Earth blizzards. 

What upsets me is that year-after-year NY proves that they are just not organized. I fear that a city which can’t grab a few bulldozers and plow some soft-as-cotton snow to the side in 3 days is a city that will crumble to 9/11 all over again. To prove that theory, we lost many lives that day unnecessarily. To further that theory, my friggin road is still unplowed. 

Many friends ask why I want to move out of New York. It’s not because there are too many people. It’s because there are too many incompetent people. 

But on a bright note all these days home has left Mrs. Brownman and me with no option but to fondle and grope the person next to us. Which is each other. Which is hot. 

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