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Shocking Foreplay

Are you a typical dude? You know…you just have no control on how often you flash your junk at your woman? I do that too. I know 99.725% of the time I won’t get any play on the wong, but that slim 0.275% chance of getting some sort of fellating gives me hope. It’s a shame our women won’t flash their lady parts around. 

Mine has a 1000% chance of getting play from me. Even if I were sick. Or watching football. Or eating Chinese food. 

The other day I gave her a flash…and as courtesy she planted a peck on the little guy. What was funny … or surprising was the electric shock she gave him! I didn’t know of she was rubbing her lips against a balloon or if I drag my penis when I walk but that shock was quite unexpected and warranted a little yelp from me. 

Thank goodness there was no full on oral at that point- we could have potentially started a spark-induced fire. 

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