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Former Coworker is Outtie!

Former Coworker of mine from my previous job, Tired, has finally given up with listening to Cunt of a boss. He has found another job and is ready present them with a letter of resignation.

[16:21] Former Coworker: should I just hand it in as is? I think I said it all…

[16:21] Brownman: yea
[16:21] Brownman: those frigging assholes

[16:21] Former Coworker: would you add anything?

[16:22] Brownman: nah
[16:22] Brownman: not at all
[16:22] Brownman: u said more than i did

[16:22] Former Coworker: all the words are spelled ok?

[16:22] Brownman: yea 

[16:22] Former Coworker: ok
[16:22] Former Coworker: print!

[16:22] Brownman: YES@@@!@@
[16:23] Brownman: u should put this on the back of the letter:
[16:23] Brownman: B======D
[16:23] Brownman: hahahahaha
[16:23] Brownman: or this
[16:23] Brownman: (__!__)
[16:23] Brownman: cuz thats what they are

[16:23] Former Coworker: hahaha
[16:23] Former Coworker: that would be so funny

[16:24] Brownman: tell them “i have learned to apply my creative skills into more appropriate stuff like dick and balls” 

[16:24] Former Coworker: haha…did you give both bosses the letter? 

[16:24] Brownman: nah i gave that cunt both copies of the required 2 letters

[16:24] Former Coworker: ahhh 

[16:24] Brownman: give it to her in a way that she gets a paper cut

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