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Chicks Be Lazy

A guy I know was complaining the other day about his girlfriend who lives with him. They recently moved in together after going out for probably over 5 years and their courtship is running thin. He said that many random things have been setting off cunty remarks and adding fuel to a fiery fight that explodes at least once a month.

One interesting fight was sparked after he noticed dirty socks were on the dresser. Not his, rather his woman’s. Guy said that he felt things were going well for a few days in a row, so he didn’t want to upset the balance of life. Instead, Guy decided to just casually mention the dirty sock as though it were no big deal. Just something his girl could get to if she happened to have the chance.

And that started a fight.

I get that women have this “independent” thing they got going once they move out of their house. They need to prove to mom, dad, Aunt Silvia, Frosty the Snowman, past exes, and whoever else that they can live on their own and do it all by themselves. But why do city women feel they are entitled to not clean or cook when they are no longer under their parents’ rule? Is it so hard to stay tidy? They then rely on finding a momma’s boy that will pick up after them and that they can treat as a punching bag because they won’t let him forget that he is in fact, a momma’s boy. Sure, these wenches will eventually cook a meal for themselves and not care if their current guy is fed in the effort to not train them to expect a cooked meal. Sure, they will pick up a brush to clean the bathroom if they can’t avoid the issue that their tub is once again clogged from all the fallen hair.

Men can’t win these days.

Guy will in all likelihood leave his girl because he is tired of the fighting and constant reminder that he is not dating his mother. Rather, he is dating a chick that leaves her dirty clothes all over the place and must remind him that she will pick up when she is ready to. Gotta love the independent woman. It ain’t independence. It’s straight up laziness.

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