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Forwarded Links

You get those forwarded links from your coworkers from time-to-time. YouTube links of idiots, funny pictures- just random things they send you to make you chuckle. How long do you chuckle for? How long do you discuss the link? 5 minutes tops for the more intricate videos like a Funny or Die clip? 2 minutes for a cute or funny pic?

Try 5 hours and 32 minutes between the time the link was emailed at my job to the last mention of the link that I heard. 

It started with someone saying “Boss- that link was funny!” 

“Ha- I just had to forward it to you guys…just too funny!”

So now we have the boss gaining social credit for being the founder of a site that shows pics of “FML” moments. Surely he just intended to discuss the first pic posted and a few more before discussion dies down. 

But then others on the office felt the need to see what’s so funny. So they too check the link, and delve into even more pics to discuss. 

“Hey! Did you see the one where the guy texted his wife thinking it was his mistress??”

And so on. 

By 2PM I still here people discussing another pic on the site they saw. And I finally decided to check out the site. Nothing worth discussing more than 1 minute…chuckleworthy at best. I will continue to monitor if these people are just bored or are seriously using the interweb for the first time. 


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