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Save My Ass

[09:09] Brownman: you and i are hanging out in a mall. Something in my anus flares up and the only way to help me relieve the pain is for you to squeeze the puss out of said flared up skin. will you save me the pain before i pass out?

[09:10] Tex Mex: yes, your my friend

[09:10] Brownman: i will debate before i did it for you. i might get someone else in the mall to help.
[09:11] Brownman: nothing personal, i trust ur anus

[09:11] Tex Mex: i understand
[09:11] Tex Mex: im different then you that’s why, i dont think twice about helping
[09:12] Tex Mex: if u were just a random friend, i would call mall security and let them deal with you

[09:12] Brownman: i dont feel a bias…i just hate gross things
[09:12] Brownman: u, my mom, john from accounting
[09:12] Brownman: ur bodies are all gross to me

[09:13] Tex Mex: hence why u would never do anal with Mrs. Brownman, i get it.
[09:13] Tex Mex: lol

2 Responses

  1. I’ve found a new level of respect for Tex Mex. I’d definitely leave you there to die

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