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CuntDate (Cunt Update)

Former Cunt-Of-A-Boss is still at it. Former Coworker went into her office and asked for access to a program that would allow him to see how certain projects he works on are performing. Not a usual request from someone in his position, but certainly nothing horrible. Former Coworker said she flat out told him “no. I don’t trust you.”

So that’s now a running joke in our IMs:

[10:38] Former Coworker: i just took your seat
[10:39] Brownman: is it comfy? Wow the body isn’t even cold yet and you’re taking my seat.

[10:39] Former Coworker: yup
[10:39] Former Coworker: awesome

[10:40] Brownman: watch out, they dont trust u
[10:40] Brownman: u might use the chair for evil

[10:42] Former Coworker: haha
[10:42] Former Coworker: yah I will

And another update on Cuntosaurus: she, once again, cried at work. Her boss yelled at her because she had to cancel a meeting. He asked if she didn’t even care anymore. Everyone there just needs to grow up or have their babies already.

2 Responses

  1. “Everyone there just needs to grow up or have their babies already.”
    You can only say that now that you’ve left.
    Glad to hear Cunt’s still at it.

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