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My Last Day At “Tired”

[09:31] Brownman: damn i didnt do my happy dance
[09:32] Brownman: i wish this cpu had web cam
[09:32] Brownman: i’d show u my happy dance

[09:32] Mrs. Brownman: why u happy?

[09:32] Brownman: yea…i meant the CAPS

[09:32] Mrs. Brownman: lol ohhhhh
[09:33] Mrs. Brownman: right

[09:33] Brownman: aww u forgot

[09:33] Mrs. Brownman: no i remembered
[09:33] Mrs. Brownman: just didn’t think you were THAT happy about it

[09:33] Brownman: whuuuuuuut?
[09:33] Brownman: haven’t u been reading my blog?
[09:33] Brownman: i am happy by default
[09:34] Brownman: a bird could have shat all over my head
[09:34] Brownman: and by default…i would be happy
[09:34] Brownman: a guy could have said i looked fat today…and by
default i’d politely say “your momma”…and smile cuz i’m outta here
[09:36] Brownman: a midget could have come up to me and say, “my dear
Brownman, I feel bigger than you look.” and by default…not only
would I punt him into the bushes, I’d smile as I do it because I am
outta here
[09:37] Brownman: your sister could say she’s moving in with us
because she hates her hometown…and by default…only today would I
be happy…not so much starting tomorrow.
[09:38] Brownman: no one moves in with us except our newborns

[09:38] Mrs. Brownman: oi
[09:38] Mrs. Brownman: that’s gonna be on the blog isn’t it?

[09:38] Brownman: even that last sentence of this being on the blog

[09:38] Mrs. Brownman: figures

[09:39] Brownman: but u see my dear love
[09:39] Brownman: i am happy
[09:39] Brownman: allow me to smile
[09:39] Brownman:
[09:39] Brownman: i am sporting teeth all day
[09:39] Brownman: worse job of my life? probably not
[09:40] Brownman: but for the first time, i have met a miserable fuck.
i thought they only existed in movies, not actually be real people’s

4 Responses

  1. I’m pleased for you. Mostly because I know cunt is crying into her armpit somewhere because there’s one less person for her to direct her hormonal bitch fits towards.

    • Thanks G. That cunt probably leans onto her gay underling, Vag. She cries into Vag’s twat and blows her pompous nose on the flaps for consoling. Hormonal asshole. Ugh.

  2. Merry Xmas

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