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Stinky Cunt

[15:36] Brownman: did u hear that?

[15:36] Coworker: haha yah
[15:37] Coworker: thats funny
[15:37] Coworker: i think it was a cow on Cunt Boss’ computer

[15:37] Brownman: nuh uh
[15:37] Brownman: wasnt that her farting?

[15:37] Coworker: what
[15:38] Coworker: really
[15:38] Coworker: i thought it was something Sienese watching on YouTube…or maybe John in the front row of cubicles

[15:38] Brownman: dude…i have heard a cow thanks to tv

[15:38] Coworker: hahah

[15:38] Brownman: it came from dunt’s office!

[15:38] Coworker: thats awsome
[15:38] Coworker: kinda smells now

[15:39] Brownman: does it really?

[15:39] Coworker: a lil

[15:39] Brownman: i’ll give u 50 cents if u go in the office

[15:39] Coworker: no way
[15:39] Coworker: I wouldn’t do it for less the $500
[15:39] Coworker: dont want to make eye contact

[15:40] Brownman: 1 dollar
[15:40] Brownman: c’mon man
[15:40] Brownman: the smell is leaving
[15:40] Brownman: go in there and clsoe the door behind u
[15:40] Brownman: hehe
[15:40] Brownman: “behind”

[15:41] Coworker: haha
[15:41] Coworker: no thank you
[15:42] Coworker: go in there & smell her stink
[15:42] Coworker: ahhhh can’t even talk to her
[15:42] Coworker: imagine me smelling that

[15:43] Brownman: hahaha ewwww

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