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Bellies and Halle

Brownman: ok. Salma hayek has full blown AIDS. halle berry does not. u
are put into a room with no condom, and in order to escape the room
alive and save urself from being killed by an old fashioned all-male
gang rape, u must have unprotected sex with either female. your choice
mr. Bellies.

Tex Mex: bro, it should have been oprah and salma. and if he chose
salma, gangbanged by men. he going to choose berry

Brownman: he doesnt like halle either

Tex Mex: but she not a true black, she more chocolate

Brownman: and oprah is more black?

Tex Mex: uh yuh dude

Brownman: i find them equally brown and rich off of white people

Bellies: hallie

Tex Mex: lol told u

Brownman: so Bellies has limits. he rather a black chick over AIDS/sex
with Salma
u have embraced the race.

Bellies: only cause it was hallie

Brownman: wait u like halle?

Bellies: no

Brownman: so if it were oprah, u’d take the AIDs?

Bellies: yes

Tex Mex: told u. halle is chocolate. oprah, is equivalent to a black hole in Bellies’ eyes. he will avoid it at all costs

Brownman: Well I’ll be damned. You never stop learning.

3 Responses

  1. Wow, I never thought I’d see the day.
    Plus, I don’t blame Bellies for his Opera hate. Have you seen what she looks like. in. real. life.??

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