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Indian Food at Work

[13:55] Coworker: i am sorry to say this but i feel it should be against company policy to eat anything Indian in the building. that shit is so strong smelling i actually start developing headaches

[13:56] Brownman: hahaha

[13:56] Coworker: do you like eating that food? you dont strike me as a indian food eater

[13:57] Brownman: um on occasion- my blood craves a fix once in awhile. i cant fight it

[13:57] Coworker: Habeeb & Harry used to kill me with that shit when I used to sit by them

[13:57] Brownman: i know better than to bring it to work. i am fully aware if its potent smell…and ability to make u crap

[13:58] Coworker: haha

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