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Conversations of the Cunt Boss in Just 1 Day

Conversations of the Cunt

Convo 1

[09:57] Brownman: Cunt of a boss wants me to find a job description for my job
[09:57] Brownman: she cant find one

[09:58] Mrs. Brownman: ha
[09:58] Mrs. Brownman: FTB (fuck that bitch!)

[09:58] Brownman: YES
[09:58] Brownman: im gonna say i cant find one
[09:58] Brownman: u dont know what ur seeking for in the position?

[09:58] Mrs. Brownman: she can at least do one part of her job can’t she?

[09:58] Brownman: what- manage?
[09:58] Brownman: hahaha

Convo 2

[10:04] Coworker: do you think she is that socially retarded
[10:04] Coworker: or
[10:04] Coworker: just a mean person

[10:04] Brownman: a+b = her
[10:04] Brownman: all of the above
[10:04] Brownman: a mean retard
[10:04] Brownman: hahaha

[10:04] Coworker: yah your right
[10:04] Coworker: haha

Convo 3

[11:35] Coworker: she acts like she is doin the job which she ends up
telling YOU to do anyway
[11:35] Coworker: like its a pain in her ass

[11:36] Brownman: right? as though its really a hassle and shes going
to cry as she asks to do it

[11:36] Coworker: LOL she is
[11:36] Coworker: she hates ANYONE asking anything from us

[11:37] Brownman: and i hate HER
[11:37] Brownman: hahah

[11:37] Coworker: ahha
[11:37] Coworker: shes so negative
[11:37] Coworker: as a person
[11:37] Coworker: in casual convo
[11:38] Coworker: she brings up such negative shit
[11:38] Coworker: “did you know Long Island has the highest cancer rate?”
[11:38] Coworker: thats what she says after I say “my sister is an engineer”
[11:38] Coworker: i was like HUH

[11:39] Brownman: STFU
[11:39] Brownman: LMAO
[11:39] Brownman: im dying here
[11:39] Brownman: hahahaha

[11:39] Coworker: i was telling her my sis makes over 65K a year
[11:39] Coworker: & she says ahhh thats not a lot

[11:40] Brownman: WHAT

[11:40] Coworker: I was like “for a 25-26 year old? thats awesome”

[11:40] Brownman: I am so outta here.

2 Responses

  1. I bet you’re pleased as punch- even though you never got to punch Cunt in her preggo belly. Shame.
    I’m a little worried though. As terrible as it was for you to have someone like her as a boss, it was also terribly entertaining. I honestly can’t remember what you wrote about before her (except for the toilet). I’m a little concerned.

    • Fear not G! The company I am going to isn’t ideal for me, thus chances are I will hate someone/something there to blog about! Stay tuned for the Adventures of Ass Clown! He is a guy that I previously worked with and have a reason for calling him Ass Clown. I might have blogged about him previously…but who actually reads old blogs to refresh their memory anyways?

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