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New Regime?

Did I spell “regime” right? Damn this language we call English. No wonder the ghetto and lazy just shorten words and spell them like they sound. Who are we kidding? “Color” vs. “Colour” means nothing- I like the idea of “culah” and “dat blak culah iz da bomb of all culahs”.

Oh right sorry. Got carried away. So I gave in my 2 weeks notice the other day at my job “Tired”. Tired is just that: tired crap day in and day out, you can pretend to think your job matters but in the end you are as noticed there as 2.5-walled cube you sit in.

Cunt of a boss gave little-to-NO emotion when I told her in front of her boss, Dick. Dick was not as Dicky as I thought he’d be when I dropped the news. He said that I “didn’t seem to fit in the position”. And naturally he prefaced that line with a “not insulting you or anything”. Of course. Cunt just sat there and finally said “I just wonder who and how to fill the position.”

A few days later I went to see “Ear Candy”, this guy who has a super relationship with the big guys at Tired. He fights with Cunt all the time on some of the stupidist issues ever. So I told him and he was beyond shocked.

“I only have one question to ask…are you leaving because of your boss?” he asked.

“Uh yea- that’s a huge part of why.”

“It’s a shame, we had big plans here. You’d no longer end up working for her.”

Too bad that was expressed to me 2 months earlier. But I guess that’s how it is in the corporate world. You need enough people to get together with complaints against the person you hate the most, and just oust them. Cunt dug her own hole there at Tired and from the sounds of it- she can’t get out at this point.

You want to express some sort of sorrow. Some sort of sympathy for a lady who is about to pop her first kid. But nay simple readers. I feel sorry for that spawn of hers…it’s as though the anti-Christ is having a kid. Which can only make that kid good, right?

4 Responses

  1. Yeah, bullshit. They always say stuff like that when you quit.
    “You will no longer be working for her”
    “We were going to actually start paying you overtime instead of adding any extra hours to your weekends”
    “We were planning on taking out the rusted nails in the door that gave you tetanus”

    • P.S. Well done on escaping from Cunt’s evil clutches

    • Tetanus? Well if they removed those nails then surely I’d stay a day longer! They could really have gone on for days with all the scenarios they want…I still see no movement in my last 2 weeks. And thanks…I am so proud to leave Cunt and her Cunty ways. I am seriously thinking of recording a session with her on my iPhone to prove who assholey she really is

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