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Salma and Oprah?

[09:14] Brownman: oprah is giving you the opportunity to bang salma
hayek but you must do it in front of her live audience including your
entire immediate family, your fiance, and her mother.
[09:15] Brownman: doing it?

[09:16] Bellies: lol
[09:16] Bellies: lol
[09:23] Bellies: they would understand

[09:24] Brownman: so…in front of them. awesome.

I apologize to those expecting an Oprah-related topic based on the name of this blog. I ain’t concerned about her giving away the 2012 VW Beetle. Just having my friend bone her.

[09:32] Bellies: it is salma they would understand

[09:32] Brownman: what if orpah…pulls an “oprah” and says…”but
first…u must do me first bareback”

[09:32] Bellies: lol
[09:33] Bellies: y u doing a vicky and chnaging it up this is not
footbal no audibles allowed

[09:35] Brownman: no no…new question is all

[09:36] Bellies: no bareback on the apes

[09:36] Brownman: WOW

[09:36] Bellies: i do not condone beastlity

[09:36] Brownman: so with jimmyhat ur fine

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