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Brownman Outta Here

[09:01] Brownman: oh so i told u “ex-girl” offered?

[09:01] Tex Mex: no u did not

[09:01] Brownman: in the city

[09:02] Tex Mex: she giving it up?

[09:02] Brownman: yah

[09:02] Tex Mex: she giving the butt as well?
[09:02] Tex Mex: i mean if she wants you back, she has to give it all

[09:02] Brownman: pretty much except for staying home once a week
[09:02] Brownman: once a month is ok she said

[09:02] Tex Mex: wow,
[09:03] Tex Mex: will she allow benefits such as 3somes?
[09:03] Tex Mex: or she going to be the same as in the past?

[09:04] Brownman: similar benefits and perks…just a lil more action
[09:04] Brownman: she is ok with what i wanna do to her

[09:04] Tex Mex: is Mrs. Brownman ok with u having this girl on the side?

[09:04] Brownman: eh
[09:04] Brownman: Mrs. B knows how bad it was to be with the ex
[09:05] Brownman: i agree, i was miserable
[09:05] Brownman: but…its almost like the ex is paying me a lot to be with her

[09:06] Tex Mex: ahh i feel you man
[09:06] Tex Mex: you know ive learned that exes can sometimes be
better the 2nd time around
[09:06] Tex Mex: its like you show them now how much you mean in the

[09:07] Brownman: exactly

[09:07] Tex Mex: and they will be like wow Brownman, i did not know
you could do me like that

[09:08] Brownman: yup i am planning on mindhumping her with my awesome skills

Oh. In case it wasn’t clear, Brownman is going back to the city.
Yippee. To my previous job of only 6 months- because it was that bad.
But…as bad as Cunt of a boss?

Tex Mex and I have to talk in code just in case my job “Tired” is
watching all my moves which I’m pretty sure they do. I gained back
internet access and IMing after I complained to IT a LOT about how
nothing works.

3 Responses

  1. After reading this I’m not convinced Tex Mex knew you were referring to an old job. 😉

  2. Pretty sure they’re not watching your IMs or your ass would have been fired a long time ago.
    Either that or whoever is spying on you derives a lot of amusement from your hypothetical scenarios with Bellies

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