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Almost Over

I tried the other day to log onto a site I usually use to get my job done (what little amount of work that is). Regardless of it being a site I need to perform a lot of my tasks I get this error message on the screen:

“Your organization has chosen to limit viewing of this site due to the rating of its content (professional services).”

Yea dick. Professionally servicing this organization, let me in. So it begins reader. The end of this career. You know, many people say “don’t complain about your job if you’re not going to do anything about it.”

Ok. Today I let you know that I have done something about it. I shall continue to complain. I’ll let you know what that “something” is once I have taken care of everything for this “something”.

Hence why I haven’t blogged in a bit: I usually just email myself the blogs I type up at work via Gmail. Now that I can’t use Gmail, or any mail client for that matter, I am forced to save my blogs and drop them onto my flash drive. And while I’m at it I’ll also start saving some useful documents from work onto that drive…

Also, they blocked my Sirius radio. You NEVER block Brownman from Howard Stern, you hear me? NEVER.

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