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Smelly Pants

I finally remembered this Thursday to take notice after my morning shower whether or not I smell asshole. All week I feel like I have been smelling ass in my nose and I thought maybe I sit down too long all day and I dunno…maybe my arse aura seeped onto the pants, who knows. But I finally realized that all week I have been wearing pants I just got back from the Dry Cleaning place by our house.

Now I already hate this place after getting back a black shirt with lint all over it. Can’t they clean a shirt to rid itself of lint? I get back lintless clothes from our own washer and dryer. So I came to the conclusion that my pants were either cleaned against someone’s
ass, they just iron my pants and return them to me, or whatever cleaning method they use is some ancient Chinese asshole-smelling remedy. Needless to say, I need a new place to clean my fancy clothes.

2 Responses

  1. Rule of thumb, you never, ever take your clothes to ANY Asian dry-cleaner, NEVER! Let them be any race or colour, just not Asian! Asians have messed up my sister’s clothes, Asians gave me back my leather jacket looking and feeling more like fibreglass.

    • Damn Cocktail…where you been? I totally needed that advice prior to getting back assy pants. But thank goodness I never took anything of super value there. Fiberglass? Idiots!!!!!

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