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Dose of Her Own Medicine

Again. I do NOT make these things up. I don’t.

The other day I got stuck in another meaningless meeting. But it was one for the ages. There we were as my Cunt of a boss got fired up. She is such a negative person rejecting all proposals to change certain things on the project she was working on. I’m not saying that she has no reason to reject these changes- but she had no reason to be so negative and forceful…even condescending on the changes that were being tossed at her.

“You do not know industry standards recommend we don’t implement the
ideas you’re talking about.” That’s one line. “Things have changed since you last worked on a similar project that I have control of now.” That’s another good one.

And she always gives explanations when you don’t ask for them. “No we can’t implement what you’re asking for.”

“Ok. How about this other nonrelated topic that I’d like to move onto-”

“And the reason why I don’t want to implement your suggestion is because industry studies suggest….”

After receiving one of these comments this guy Ear Candy, who really whispers sweet nothings to the higher ups at this place, snapped. I have never seen him get annoyed. “Don’t knock this change I suggest until you learn about it. If you don’t know about it you should read up on it.”

“What? Oh so I don’t know anything now about my own project? And you’re the authority? Don’t talk to me like I don’t know what I’m doing!!” The room fell silent and the meeting ended shortly after.

So we get back to my desk and began closing up shop since the meeting was late in the day. I then hear sniffling coming from Cunt’s office. I swear she gets so frigging emotional. Emoticunt over there. I knew I didn’t want to get up from my desk ‘cause I’d get sucked into her vacuum of cuntitude. And I was right as I said “good night”.

“Ear Candy is unbelievable right? Was I out of line there?”

How do you answer that…I had no choice but to take my direct boss’ side. “Um well yea that was some situation.”

“And he was totally belittling me right?”

“The company needs direction.”

That’s pretty much the conversation there. I’d try and give answers that weren’t specific enough but had an agreeable tone. I’m sure she saw it as me agreeing with her full on because I forget she’s a foreigner.

“What do I do now? I’m so fucking mad right now!” she continued.

“Well I’m sure there’s a lot of traffic now. By the time you get home you’ll be fine.” I know, not something a crying cunt wants to hear but I could care less.

“Go home, Brownman, it’s late. Go to your wife.” Damn straight I will. I’ll go home to someone that’s rational and can control her emotions. Good luck to your husband.

The next day Cunt shows me an e-mail of her essentially reprimanding Ear Candy and asking to be treated like an adult. He apologized in response. She said she needed record of her trying to resolve it. But of course she wanted more attention and sympathy so she then went to our VP and began talking to everyone else in that meeting about the incident via speakerphone. What a bitch.


2 Responses

  1. Okay so reading the title of this post made me a little excited at the prospect of someone putting Cunt in her place.
    This didn’t happen. She went ahead, did something Cunty and then went ahead and made someone else apologize for something that her Cuntiness caused- and then went to the VP with it.
    Now I’m even more pissed than usual at her antics.
    You need to do something about her.

    • How do you ration with a jackass? How do you get away with killing one? Sigh, this cunt can NOT be stopped. Something tells me that even if she got demoted and yelled at, she’d see it as sexism or some weird thing that makes no sense.

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