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Fit To Be Boss

Our wondrous Cunt of a boss just essentially told Coworker that he will never make any more money than what he is making now here at “Tired”. Cunt told him that his position will never grow into anything more, and that he needs to stop being so ambitious with all his suggestions. Rather, he is to do as he is told.

What kind of boss says this to her subordinates?

Ah, the kind that a former coworker of mine refers to. He had worked with Cunt at a previous job where he was the agency servicing her company. Apparently, she is nothing more than a robot who was never a manager prior to Tired. Can you believe that? I can. She is as organized as a chick who just moved out of parent’s house and living on her own to “live her own life”. But Cunt isn’t a 20 year old chick trying to prove anything. She’s an older immigrant trying to prove something…

Clearly one of the things she’s trying to prove is that she is in charge here and no one can take her spot. Nor do we know any better than her.


2 Responses

  1. God this place u work must be a sesspool if they retain people like her as mangers. Mgrs are supposed to amongs other things, motivate their underlings to advance … Beratein’ and down talking is not the way to do that…

    Somebody needs to slap that bytch and I mean right now.

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