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Daily Banter

**Brownman has entered the chatroom**

Brownman: whoa the room got smaller…

Tex Mex (formerly known as “Head” for his big head): im speaking to you from the balcony

Brownman: big head, big belly…it must be a reunion…

Tex Mex: well what is big about you? umm NOTHING absolutely nothing

Brownan: not a damn thing compared to my friends. even my schlong is dwarfed by Bellie’s thumb

Tex Mex: not even a big penis, from what Mrs. Brownman tells us, right Bellies?

Brownman: motion in the ocean, she enjoys a good ride on the Brownman-boat. to quote ice cube “my jimmy runs so deep, so deep, so deep it puts her butt to sleep”

Tex Mex: you do know women fake alot right? im just saying, might not be her, but alot of women do

Brownman: well with you, yea they have to fake who’d be happy doing a troll?

Tex Mex: of course cause it’s all about ME who cares what they want durr. ive never said that i was in to please them

Brownman: oh so then ur okay that they collectively agree that your head is biggest on your neck rather than in ur pants

Tex Mex: Да здравствует русская империя
me: Speaking in tongues now aye? The women are like “thanks Tex Mex, best 2 minutes of my life”

Tex Mex: 1 minute get it right

Brownman: “and next time, dont give me 5 drinks at a time when u try to rape me”

Tex Mex: i never buy girls drinks are you nuts? they can buy their own drinks


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