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52 Guatemalans

Brownman: Oh right Tex Mex, you can’t hang out anymore for the year because you have 52 Guatemalan kids that you have to get gifts for

Tex Mex: your joke is old Brownman. And plus, you’ll end up with quadruplets and then I’d be the one cracking all these old jokes. would be a shame

Brownman: whats a shame

Tex Mex: oh, u did not read what i wrote b4

Brownman: oh the kid comment yea. the Guatemalan joke was new though. so i thought i’d mix it up u know? Lol

Tex Mex: true
Tex Mex: but im not Guatemalan

Brownman: i know
Brownman: thats the joke

Tex Mex: maybe a Hispanic joke closer to my actual race, but not Guatemalan…lol

Brownman: nah nah i need to go with all you Hispanics looking the same

Tex Mex: im trying to find fault in it, so that its not funny

Brownman: u cant dude, guatamalans as a whole is funny, therefore: iron clad joke right there

Tex Mex: so so true


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