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New Towers

Friend: I didn’t want to do it man. I didn’t want to drop my pants in front of the doctor because I’d just had sex with my woman…didn’t want him catching a whiff or after goo.

Brownman: …

Friend: oh my bad. Yea the skyline of my penis has forever changed.

Brownman: still waiting for the explanation

Friend: I had a pimple on the Johnson. I had tried to pop it, it swelled up, got some meds for it cuz I ended up squeezing a blood vessel.

Brownman: ew

Friend: yea so i still got the original area sporting a bump and I went for a check up to see if its all kosher

Brownman: well you’re not Jewish so I can’t imagine him misdiagnosing you to be Kosher like you’d like…

Friend: so yea I had boned my girl only like an hour before the appointment so I was worried that the doc see post-juice or catch a whiff

Brownman: your Wang okay?

Friend: yea the bump will remain there though unless I get it cut…so my penis skyline has a new tower


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