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Vote or Die, New York

Is New York the only place that people take “Vote or Die” almost literally?

If I tell someone I’m not going to vote on this glorious Election Day…I don’t get a “oh why not?” or “cool, gotcha”. Nay. I get “well are you GOING to? Polls close at 9 here in NY…” or a “so you’re just going to sit like another lazy American while our country goes into shambles?”

I’d get this more in the city when I’d say “nah I’m not voting today.” Who’s business is it anyway whether or not I vote? I feel it’s as personal a question as “hey did you shave your balls this fine morning?” Perhaps the same reason I may not vote today, I didn’t shave my balls because it’s just too damn cold for me to go outside.

I know it’s important to vote, sure I see it. Will I vote today? None of your business. Is it a privilege to vote? Sure. But it’s a privilege to also mind your own damn business and leave me alone in case I say “nah, didn’t get around to voting this year.”

Why bother voting when you might slip and say who you voted for. “How could you vote for that jackass?” Really? You’re going to go ahead and drop judgment goo all over me after you plague me to vote in the first place?


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