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New Pants Smell

I love new pants smell. It’s probably second best to new car smell. This may be different for chicks than guys since they get a new pair of pants every week. But guys…I don’t know if you’re with me fellas but I get a new pair of pants probably every 2 months. I believe I have pants since high school that I may or may not use down the road. It’s an internal battle really because though I still fit into these old pants and jeans- they were far baggier than what I am used to today. My pants got skinnier as time progressed.

Rather, since the dawn of Brownman my pants were skinny and short, then by high school baggy and long, and now they are somewhat skinnier than high school but definitely allow way more ball swinging in the crotch than elementary school. Plus my pants these days aren’t prepared for a flood like they were back in the 80’s, nor can they save me from a burning building should I choose to jump and glide the air with the wings on my 90’s jeans.

Oh right, back to the smell of new pants. Just ironing them gives me hope that this day, with my new pants, I will have a better day than yesterday…where I questioned whether or not my pants smelled from being left in the wash too long.


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