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Morning Butt

Mrs. Brownman: hi…brb meeting

Brownman: oh wth

but, hi


butt hi

my butt says hi


Mrs. Brownman: back

Brownman: hi…did you see my butt told you hi prior to your meeting?

Mrs. Brownman: lol yeah so cute

Brownman: hmm….not sure that you’d find it cute sitting in my seat…

Mrs. Brownman: lol yes i would

Brownman: no u dont get it
Brownman: i had WHITE CASTLE late last night only a few hours ago after our Halloween party

Mrs. Brownman: ohhhh right yikes

Brownman: there is no cuteness spewing for the next few hours

Mrs. Brownman: and shish kebob too

Brownman: the kebobs are fine…the white castle engulfs it and shits on it
Brownman: which in turn, i’d be crapping out the White Castle’s own crap. it’s a cycle, i know

Mrs. Brownman: ah gotcha


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