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I Eat At 12

I was ready to go to lunch as usual at 12PM with Coworker. It’s no secret, 12PM is when we go. But Cunt of a boss looks at me from her desk at 11:48 and said that there’s a conference call happening at 12PM and asked if I could be on it. She didn’t feel that she has to be on the call. Since I remotely asked one time about the subject matter of the call Cunt asked if I could dial in.

I told Coworker “how do I say no to her??” and he responded via IM “you don’t.”

Come 12PM I’m on the call and I hear her on the speaker phone in her office talking to her husband. Hmm I said “her” a lot in that one sentence. Let me add one more. Fuck “her”.

Later on she hounds me to find out about setting up a phone conference – we need to get a meeting in the works ASAP. Someone involved with the meeting replies to my e-mail saying that 12PM – 1PM will work fine. As soon as the e-mail came in she says out loud “they had to do this meeting during lunch time?”


“Yea, just take lunch later.” Bitch.

“But I have a lunch with John the developer…”

“Yea…that’s when the meeting is. 12PM.” So I don’t need to have lunch? She doesn’t even eat between 12-1 regularly.

I’m sorry…it’s petty. But who does this Cunt think she is?


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